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Thin Film Coating Chamber Repair

Refurbishment of Plasma-Etch and Deposition Systems

Maximize Efficiency with the Latest Generation of Superior Control Systems

Our factory trained technicians are standing by to refurbish your plasma etch and deposition equipment from top manufacturers such as Semicore, Plasmatherm, and Oxford Instruments. We provide complete turn-key solutions from a fully refurbished system meeting original specifications to installation and training at your facility. After-sales service and parts support is also available.

Your equipment is inspected thoroughly and detailed upon arrival in our facility.
All subassemblies are disassembled, cleaned, serviced, tested, reassembled and adjusted.

  • The chamber is disassembled and fully cleaned
  • All major components are disassembled for inspection, servicing, cleaning and lubricating
  • Parts are repaired or replaced as needed
  • All chamber O-rings and seals are replaced
  • If required the Electrostatic Chuck (ESC) is refurbished
  • All MFCs are rebuilt and calibrated
  • All corrosive/non-corrosive gas line replaced
  • Vacuum Pumps are rebuilt
  • Turbo Pump rebuilt
  • Chillers serviced and fully tested
  • All wiring/harnesses inspected/repaired/replaced
  • All liquid and airlines, tubings and fittings inspected/repaired/replaced
  • Inspection of all electronic and mechanical parts
  • Machine covers are cleaned/polished or replaced
  • Equipment is fully tested to comply w/OEM specs
  • System leak and RF calibration w/ documentation
  • System cycle and repeatibility testing completed
  • Professionally packed, labeled and crated