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Advanced Computer Aided Engineering - CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Services

Hydrodynamic Archimedes Screw

Floating Offshore Platform

Dam Simulation

Welding Simulation

Fluid-Structure Interaction
gear simulation-crankshaft

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Services

Our CFD consulting services use leading software packages and offer simulation services in a wide range of fluid flow and thermal areas to industries such as automotive, aerospace, buildings and HVAC, chemical, energy, marine, MEMS, oil and gas, and turbomachinery.

Our expertise provides solutions to a variety of applications which include, but are not limited to: chemical reaction systems, spray combustion, fire systems, soot radiation, melting and solidification, condensation and evaporation, boiler design, industrial burners, gas turbines, mixing and separation, cyclone separators, green efficient building design, fire spread and smoke prediction in buildings, human comfort in buildings, external aerodynamics, drag and lift prediction, fuel sloshing and safety analysis, wave energy converters, wave loading on offshore platforms, wave generation and impact, inkjet design and microfluidics.


  • Parametric Flow Studies
  • Combustion
  • Spray
  • Complex Multi-Phase Flow
  • Heat Transfer
  • Compressible Flow
  • Porous Media
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Free Surface Flow
  • Moving Boundary
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Coupling with FEA
  • Wave Generation and Wave Impact
  • Inkjet Design
  • Microfluidics

Other Services