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Diamond Processing Systems


Caustic Cleaning/Acid Bath System

Advanced Computer Control
Fully Automated

The DCS 500A is an automated caustic/acid processing system designed for diamond processing applications. The system has been optimized to provide a precise, repeatable, documented, secure, and safe environment for both the diamonds and the employees operating the system while meeting or exceeding all international standards. The DCS 500A is a compact system designed to fit into small spaces while providing a high level of safety for the operator and security for the product. The system is a complete turnkey system. Simply plug it into the source of power, connect the appropriate drain, connect to a source of water, attach an appropriate scrubber, and fill the appropriate acid reservoirs.

Allegiant Global Technologies has over 40 years of combined experience in advanced equipment development and diamond processing.

Acid Process:

The DCS 500A will deliver the required acid from onboard acid reservoirs. The reservoir contains about 5 gallons of the desired acid. The acid reservoir levels will be monitored to insure that a process will not proceed if the acid level is to low. The reservoirs are manually filled by the customer on a schedule determined by the acid usage. The optional automatic fill will allow the reservoirs to be filled from a bulk tank automatically. During the preprogrammed process cycle, the appropriate acid will be pumped into the process tank. The acid will be heated if required and all elements of the process step are monitored and logged. The system includes an onboard DI system to provide clean, heated DI water for the rinse cycle. If an acid has to be mixed on board, such as aqua regia, the optional DCS 500A acid mix system can pump acids from two reservoirs into the process chamber to insure fresh acid present for the process.


The system is equipped with a DI water heater to rinse the product with very hot DI water. After the water rinse, a heated stream of hot air is passed through the process chamber to complete the drying process.


The interface consists of all the electronics, valves, pumps, sensors, safety covers, carriers, baskets, and all the required that complete the system. The system drain has a diamond trap on it.

The DCS 500A is a complete, automated diamond processing system that can be operated for years with minimal training and maintenance.


Caustic Section

  • 6 heavy-duty melt crucibles
  • 6 Product baskets
  • 2 Product pre-heat chambers
  • Crucible wash station included
  • All parts in contact with liquid will be of compatible materials
  • All other metal parts made from #4 304 Stainless Steel
  • Automated entry and exit for product and crucibles protected by passwords
  • Safety window in front for viewing status of interior
  • Advanced temperature system with 2 separate backup high limit shutoffs
  • Adjustable alarm limits around temperature set points
  • 4 crucible-heating stations for continued processing capabilities
  • Restricted access to process tray and crucible
  • Safety locks on all moving components
  • System will not allow extra product process trays or crucibles to be inserted
  • High airflow in chamber from bottom to top for safety
  • System designed to sit on floor
  • Crucible designed for use with NAOH or KOH
  • Advanced HMI for system control included

Acid System:

  • System made of acid-safe materials
  • Multiple wash stations
  • Multiple acid stations
  • Hot DI water clean system
  • Product Dry Station
  • All processes monitored with end point detection
  • Complete HMI included
  • System built to sit on floor
  • Leak trace reports any acid leaking
  • Chemicals pumped from remote location
  • Acids drained to remote location

RO System (Model DCS500RO)

  • 800 GPD RO System
  • 15 Gal holding tank
  • Delivery pump
  • 24 KW Stainless Steel DI compatible water heater with 16 Gal holding
  • Mounted on a skid with drip pan
  • All appropriate electrical, plumbing, and mechanical integration
  • Spare resin canister with mixed resin refill

Overall system:

  • Large monitor able to provide quick overview of all operation
  • Multiple screens on order to view each system in more detail
  • All system doors equipped with safety switches, multiple EMO's for safety
  • Battery backup from UPS to allow safe shutdown in case of power failure
  • System will restart safely from a power failure
  • System meets or exceeded CSA standards
  • Complete setup and training included
  • Advanced HMI for system control included
  • Automatic switch over for generator
  • Data acquisition package included/designed for SQL to interface with SAP
  • System can be connected to internet for remote diagnostics