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Diamond Processing Systems


Acid Bath System

Advanced Computer Control
Fully Automated

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The DCS 350A is a fully automated system is designed to clean and process diamonds in a safe and secure series of acid and water baths. The acid bath processes are performed in an enclosed work cell using an automated, hands off robotics system for materials handling. Multiple software programs monitor the product in each stage of the process and record and report the product's progress throughout the system with such data as process times, temperature, equipment usage, and equipment efficiency.

Allegiant Global Technologies has over 40 years of combined experience in advanced equipment development and diamond processing.


  • Increased product security (no access to workloads during process)
  • Isolates operator from chemical exposure
  • Minimizes consumption of acid, water, and energy
  • Minimizes waste and fume emissions
  • End-point cleanliness monitoring (via DI resistivity cell)
  • Fully self-contained, compact configuration
  • Easily customized
  • Can be integrated with the DCS 200A; or used as a stand-alone unit


  • PLC controlled autocover prevents access to process chamber
  • Bottom drip pan has liquid sensor to detect leakage
  • Console doors are interlocked to prevent pumping if doors are open
  • Redundant sensing in multiple locations
  • In case of power interruption, UPS will maintain status for 30 minutes
  • Automatic acid fill function
  • Can be wired to any international codes or specifications

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