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Diamond Processing Systems


Caustic Cleaning System

Manual System

The DCS 35M is a manual diamond processing system designed for companies just starting out or companies not requiring a full robotic system. The DCS 35M is a modular system that can be expanded as required. Each unit is sized to process up to 25,000 carats in an 8 hour workday. As the need arises, additional units can be added to accommodate higher production needs. Because each unit is a stand-alone system, different processes, temperatures, and conditions may be performed at the same time. The Model DCS 35M with the optional preheater insert converts the unit into a diamond preheater to bring the diamonds up to temperature prior to transferring them into the hot caustic. The DCS 35M is also able to store two Crucibles and two Baskets to eliminate the need for additional storage.

The DCS35 is an advanced processing system designed for the diamond industry.

Allegiant Global Technologies has over 40 years of combined experience in advanced equipment development and diamond processing.

Benefits and Features:

  • Heavy-duty inconel melt Crucible
  • All parts in contact with liquid will be inconel
  • All other metal parts made from 304-#4 Stainless Steel
  • Split front door provides safety when loading Crucible and Process Tray
  • Advanced temperature system with separate backup high-limit shutoffs
  • Adjustable alarm limits around temperature set points
  • 1 Crucible included with each system
  • 1 Basket included with each system
  • Easy access to Process Tray and Crucible
  • Safety locks on all moving components
  • Heavy-duty ceramic insulation for safety
  • Product agitation during processing for better solution penetration
  • Each unit is a stand-alone system.
  • Each unit will store 2 Baskets and 2 Crucibles
  • System meets or exceeds all international standards
  • System designed to sit on floor
  • Can be used with the DCS 350 Acid Process Station or as a stand-alone unit
  • System size designed for crucible handling with the AGT model DCS2125D system handler
  • Crucible designed for use with NAOH or KOH with a 10-year life cycle under normal use


Melt crucible:
Chamber Interior:
Outside dimensions:
Operating temperature:
Temperature readout:
Temperature control:
Temperature uniformity:
Heater power:
Input voltage:
Air input:
381mm diameter x 254mm deep
508mm W x 1000mm H x 508mm D
1200mm W x 1263mm H x 500mm D
40 to 600C
+/5°C @ 600C
Appropriate for country of use
1-75mm duct
16mm, 60-80psi
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