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Diamond Processing Systems


Non-Diamond Removal System

Advanced Computer Control
Temperatures to above 550°C
Fully Automated

Read here on how the DCS 200A system helped the Diavik Product Splitting Facility increase safety and efficiency.

The DCS 200A is an automated system designed to process rough diamonds in chemicals at high temperatures to dissolve any remaining kimberlite deposits that may still be present after initial processing. A fully integrated robotics system is used for materials handling utilizing multiple software programs to monitor the product in each stage of the process. For analysis and security, the software records and reports the product's progress throughout the system with such data as process times, temperature, equipment usage, and equipment efficiency.

Allegiant Global Technologies has over 40 years of combined experience in advanced equipment development and diamond processing.


  • Increased product security
  • Increased personnel safety
  • More efficient processing
  • Can process in excess of 80 Kg of rough diamonds per day
  • Easily customized
  • Can be used with the DCS 350A; or as a stand-alone unit


  • Heavy-duty robot arm
  • Sturdy workcell design
  • All items in contact with chemicals made from Heavy-Duty Inconel
  • 4 Furnaces
  • 1 Preheater
  • 8 Inconel process Crucibles
  • 8 Inconel process Baskets
  • 12 Inconel process Separators
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Pneumatic conveyor system
  • UPS in case of power failure
  • Optional Trolley for transport of Crucibles and Baskets
  • Optional Wash Station to rinse Crucibles and Baskets
  • Can be wired to any international codes or specifications
For information on any of these products or on customizing options, please contact Allegiant Global Technologies, or your local representative.