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Diamond Processing Systems

DCS 1525

Diamond Shipping System

The model DCS 1525 Diamond Shipping System (DSS) incorporates the latest in vacuum packaging, RFID (radio frequency identification) identification, and computer tracking to insure shipments of diamonds from place to place is accomplished with complete confidence and security. The system consists of a vacuum packaging system that seals the transfer canisters in inexpensive throwaway canisters with a slight vacuum. This vacuum provides a visual indicator that the canister has arrived at its destination untouched. If the canister has been tampered with, the vacuum will be released and a visual indicator will immediately show the canister has been opened. The system is complete with all electronic programs.

The DCS 1525 is a complete world class diamond tracking system to insure accurate, complete, and secure diamond tracking anywhere in the world.

Allegiant Global Technologies has over 40 years of combined experience in advanced equipment development and diamond processing.

The system consists of the following units:

Packaging Unit

The packaging unit is a small tabletop unit that has a dual function. The first function is to seal the canister and apply a slight vacuum to set the visual indicator. This is done after the diamonds are placed in the canister for shipping.

In addition to sealing the canister, the system will store all the data about the contents of the canister along with a unique ID code in the RFID tag attached to the canister. The system will log the data along with the ID code to the system memory. This data can then be transmitted to the receiver station anywhere in the world.

The second function is to open the shipped canister, release the vacuum within the canister, and compare the data within the RFID tag with the data received from the shipping point. The station will examine the canister for any tampering during shipping and provide warning of any tampering.

Canister Unit

The canister unit is a very robust steel container with its own RFID tag. The canisters are designed to be robust enough to survive shipping, but inexpensive enough to be thrown away. The canisters have a fixed ID that is unique to the canister and the ability to accept data programmed into it while in the sealing unit. Data loaded into the tag can be removed at the time of unsealing. Any number of canisters can be added to the system since each has a unique ID.

The canisters can be ordered in a range of sizes to match the needs of our customers shipping.

Data Collection System

The data collection system consists of the program in the sealing module, the unsealing module, and the data collection program. With this program all canisters worldwide can be tracked in that when first tagged, the data will be in the system until detected at a receiver station where its tag will be released.

The system can transmit its data in a number of methods.

  • The data can be sent manually from one system to another by the use of a memory stick. The stick contains the encrypted data and can be shipped with the diamonds, or by some other means.
  • The data can be emailed to the desired receiver station as an encrypted data file and loaded into the receiver unit.
  • With the optional communication package, the encrypted data can be sent automatically over the internet to any receiver in the world. With this method, complete tracking of product anywhere in the world can be performed automatically.

Communications Package
Pricing Available Upon Request
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