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Manufacturing Systems: Batteries


Vacuum Chamber With External Heating
Advanced HMI Control
Temperatures to 180°C
Pass-Through Vacuum System

Suggested Processes:

Battery Manufacturing, Drying of Bulk Film Material

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The Phoenix Processing Series has been designed for industrial applications to provide stand-alone vacuum processing systems for battery manufacturing. The systems are custom made and the chamber sizes vary based on customer needs. It is designed with a pass-through chamber thereby increasing the efficiency of the process for the customer and isolating the dry-room from the rest of the process. It provides vacuum curing for lithium batteries.


  • Customized units
  • Improves process yield
  • Compatible with modern production facilities


  • Integrated two-piece parts cart for easy loading and unloading
  • 2 chamber sizes
  • Pass-through chamber isolates dry-room and increases efficiency
  • Stand-alone design
For information on any of these products or on customizing options, please contact Allegiant Global Technologies, or your local representative.