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Biotech & Medical Industries: Drying Systems


Combination System:

Vacuum Chamber With External Heating
and Forced Air With Internal Heating
Advanced HMI Control
Temperatures to 250°C

Suggested Processes:

Vacuum Drying, i.e. IV Filter Drying, Rubber Stopper Drying, Medical Parts

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The Epsilon Series has been designed to provide a stand-alone high-tech processing system for the medical industry. This system provides two curing methods – vacuum curing and forced air curing. It is ideal for processing a wide range of medical items such as filters, rubber stoppers, and syringes. The Omnisoph© control system is an integral part of the Epsilon Series.


  • Easily customized
  • Combines heat with vacuum to enhance sterilization
  • Provides a rapid process time
  • Removes water or solvents from very small spaces


  • Provides two curing methods—Vacuum and Forced Air
  • Stand-alone design
  • 3 chamber sizes
  • Designed for up to Class 100
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